Primer paint based on low aromatic alkyd resin. Efficacious protection of the surface from the corrosion and gives a high decorative effect of finish enamel.

  • Efficacious protection from corrosion
  • Resistant to atmospheric conditions
  • Great adhesion to the surface
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Area of use

Can sizes

1,0 L, 5,0 L


11 - 12 m²/l




airless spraying, brush, roller

Painting temperature

Work should be perform in temperatures from +5°C to +30°C temperature of the air and relative humidity of the air below 80%

Drying time at + 23 ° C and 50% relative air humidity

Stick free after 8(h). Paintable after 24(h).


Preparation of surfaces

Steel and iron surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned from loose old paint before application. The surfaces should be clean from rust, dirt, dry, degreased for ex ample with extraction naphtha.


Before application paint should be well stir. In case of spray application the paint can be diluted up to max. 20% with thinner. Depend on the degree of corrosion danger and needed time of protection, it should be applied 1 or 2 coats of JEDYNKA® ANTYKOROZYJNA with 8 hours break between coats. In lower temperatures and higher relative air humidity the break time should be longer. Finish enamel can be applied after 24 hours. Notice! Painting should be done in plus temperatures.

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