Deco & Protect Impregnat

Deco & Protect Impregnat

Deco & Protect Impregnat

Quick-drying, matt, decorative and protective, thin film forming wood stain for painting and protecting of exterior wood, emphasizing the natural wood drawing.

  • Up to 7 years of surface durability
  • Fast working time - wood protection after 1h from painting (even in the case of rain)
  • Protects against UV - thanks to the content of UV filters and permanent and transparent pigments
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Area of use


Can sizes

0,05 L, 1,0 L, 2,5 L, 5,0 L


12.6 - 18 m²/l




brush, sponge

Painting temperature

The surface must be dry, humidity of painted wood less than 20%. The application should be carried out at in air temperature above +5oC, with relative humidity below 80%.

Drying time at + 23 ° C and 50% relative air humidity

Stick free after 1(h). Paintable after 2(h).



Preparation of surfaces

Before painting, round all sharp edges (e.g. with sandpaper). The surface to be painted should be carefully cleaned of bark, bast, soil, oil, grease, mold, wax, fungi, pests or other impurities that limit adhesion of the applied coatings. Remove splashes of lime, cement or mortar, leave wood stained, and may affect the durability of applied coatings. Remove knots (fill up with clean wood) or leave (secure with specialized chemicals). Defects, defects should be supplemented with wooden inserts, damage, and the gap should be filled with a suitable putty for wood, a shade slightly lighter than the required color. It is recommended to use the suitable product to clean the surface and mould removal. Pre-stained, existing, shiny coatings and substrates must be thoroughly matted to ensure adequate absorption of the preparation through the substrate. If necessary, remove the completely existing coating. Correct roughening of elements is particularly important for surfaces made of wooden logs. In order to increase the protection of wood, it is recommended to use suitable priming oil. Plants should be protected against splashes during application. In the case of renovation of old paint coatings and application of the product on hard and exotic wood species, a trial painting should be performed. Obtaining a positive result determines the final use of the product.


Stir product thoroughly before use. Repeat mixing during painting. Secure the right amount of product from one production batch. Apply two coats of products at intervals of min. 2 h, rubbing them along the wood fibers with a brush or sponge, avoiding overlapping layers. Apply a thicker layer of on the ends of the wooden elements. The final color will depend on the type of wood, the method of application and the amount of applied product.

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