A Guide to Impregnating Wood

Necessary tools:
- Small mixed-bristle paintbrush
- Large mixed-bristle paintbrush
- Paint tray
- Sandpaper, 60-100 grit
- Cloth
- Drop cloth
- Masking tape
- Sandpaper holder
- Knife
- Stirrer
  • Protection before impregnating

    Before you begin the impregnation treatment, it is recommended that you cover all fencing and exterior wall elements that must be protected. This can be done using masking tape and a drop cloth. The tape should be secured to a dry surface, and removed right after painting to help prevent the new paint coat from coming off with the tape.

  • Preparing before impregnation

    Before applying the impregnating agent, first sand the wood gently with sandpaper, especially for planed planks, and then use a brush to thoroughly remove any dust.

  • Product preparation

    Mix the impregnating agent thoroughly before use. When impregnating larger surfaces, repeat the mixing process as you carry out the work.

  • Impregnating

    The product is best applied using a paintbrush to rub the compound into the wood surface. Apply the impregnating agent, plank by plank, along the grain. Apply the second layer of the impregnating agent at least 6 hours after the first. Use the same technique as for applying the first layer.

  • Cleaning your tools

    Once the job is complete, your tools must be thoroughly cleaned with Jedynka's low-odor thinner for phthalic and alkyd-based products.

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