A Guide to Painting Wood

Necessary tools:
- 10 or 15 cm enamel paint roller with a handle
- Small mixed-bristle paintbrush
- Large mixed-bristle paintbrush
- 100-150 grit sandpaper
- Sandpaper holder
- Putty knife
- Paint tray
- Drop cloth
- Masking tape
- Cloth
- Stirrer
  • Preparing before painting

    Before you begin painting a door frame, it is recommended that you thoroughly protect the walls and the floor from being marked by paint spatter. This can be done using masking tape and a drop cloth. The tape should be secured to a dry surface, and it is best to remove it right after painting to help prevent the new paint coat from coming off with the tape.

  • Preparing before painting

    Prior to painting, the wood must be lightly sanded with fine-grit sandpaper, and then any dust must be thoroughly removed with a clean brush. Previously painted surfaces: check the adhesion of the old paint to the substrate, scrape off any loose areas and fill in all cavities with a wood filler. Sand the wood with sandpaper to even out and roughen the surface, and then thoroughly remove any dust.

  • Preparing the product

    For priming, use Jedynka Pokost Lniany, thin it to a 1:1 ratio using Jedynka's low-odor thinner for phthalic and alkyd-based products, and then mix thoroughly.

  • Priming the surface

    Apply the oil varnish by rubbing it into wood with a paintbrush.

  • Preparing the surface

    After 24 hours from priming, use a fine-grit sandpaper to sand the door frame surface gently to smooth the surface. Next, remove any dust thoroughly with a clean brush.

  • Preparing the product

    Paint the surface using Jedynka do Drewna i Metalu enamel paint. Right before painting, stir the paint to mix it thoroughly, and then pour it into the paint tray.

  • Painting

    We recommend using a small enamel paint roller (10 to 15 cm wide) or a paintbrush to paint a door frame. After 24 hours from applying the first layer of Jedynka do Drewna i Metalu enamel paint, use fine-grit sandpaper to sand the surface and then remove any dust thoroughly. Next, repeat the painting procedure.

  • Cleaning your tools

    Once painting is complete, the tools must be thoroughly cleaned with Jedynka's low-odor thinner for phthalic and alkyd-based products

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