Cookie policy

Our policy regarding cookies and other similar technologies


1. What is the scope of the Policy?

The Policy applies to user activities connected with Tikkurila digital services. It does not apply to any situations where a user communicates information to companies other than Tikkurila, such as:

  • entering a non-Tikkurila website from one of our websites or mobile applications (e.g. by clicking a link or an advert);
  • using non-Tikkurila products (such as wireless devices and web browsers) in combination with Tikkurila services.

User information may be simultaneously covered by the Policy and by other privacy and cookie rules. For instance, if a user connects with Tikkurila services through a Wi-Fi network available in a hotel or elsewhere, any information gathered in connection with using that network may be governed by the rules of that place.


2. What do certain terms mean?

  • Cookies are small data files. Websites place them in the user's browser to recognize the user's devices as the user returns to this website or visits other sites. Cookies do not move around the Internet on their own; they are transmitted to the user’s browser from the server hosting the site being visited by that user. Only the server which has sent a cookie may later read or reuse the same cookie.
  • Flash Cookies may store more complex data than regular cookies. They are used to remember the settings, user preferences and other similar services.
  • Widget is a small program or application which may be embedded in a website. It may provide real-time information, such as weather forecasts. Widgets are often provided by third parties whom they allow to gather data about the users viewing a particular website.
  • Server Log records the user’s online activity through their computer or device, and is crucial for improving the functioning of a website and a mobile application, and for introducing new functions. For instance, it may record the terms searched for by the user, and it may also record browser information, such as IP address, device type, how long the user stays on the website, and the cookies for the user’s browser.
  • Web Beacons are small graphic elements on a website or in an e-mail. They may be used to record the sites and adverts which the user clicks or to track how well an e-mail marketing campaign is working.
  • Some websites have Plug-Ins for social networks or for other third-party sites. These Plug-Ins may provide information to such parties even if the user does not click or otherwise use them. This may work even if the user does not yet have an account with the operator of that website. Social networks or third parties may use an ID during the transmission from the user’s browser. This may include, for instance, information regarding browser type, device type, IP address and URL of the website where the Plug-In appears. In the case of using social sites, we recommend reading their privacy policy.
  • Personal Data means information which identifies or may reasonably be used to identify a user.
  • Anonymous Data means information which does not identify and may not be used to identify a user.
  • Collective Data are created if considerable quantities of data from various people are processed and combined into anonymous groups or categories. From collective information one may, for instance, learn what percentage of marketing e-mail recipients have viewed the Tikkurila campaign site but not who those users are.
  • Mobile Application is software used on smart phones, tablets and other portable devices, and it grants users access to certain services.
  • Website means each site or location on the Internet, irrespective of what device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, computer etc.) or protocol (http, ftp or other) is used to access the site or location.
  • Targeted Ad is an advert where Tikkurila uses Collective Data regarding groups of people (such as age, residence, or interest) to develop an advert which may likely be useful and relevant for that group. It does not use any individual data about the preferences of a particular person. Online Behavioral Advertising is a type of Targeted Ad which uses categories of interests based on the websites visited by groups of people in order to deliver online advertising.


3. Why do we use cookies and other similar technologies?

Tikkurila uses cookies and similar technologies to:

  • Provide services and enhance the user’s / customer’s experience;
  • Deliver Targeted Ad to the user;
  • Conduct studies and analysis for the purpose of maintaining, protecting, developing and improving the quality of Tikkurila services;
  • Ensure web integrity and security.

Tikkurila uses the following types of cookies: functional, analytical for product development, advert reporting and addressing digital advertising to target groups. These files may be either temporary (session cookies) or persistent cookies.

Use of cookies and other similar technologies ensures greater ease of using the Internet for its users. Disabling cookies may completely or partially prevent use of specific functions of some of our websites or mobile applications.

We can also use such information as the preferences specified by the user to provide the user with adverts for Tikkurila products and services. These adverts may be delivered to Tikkurila websites and mobile applications, which is known as “first-hand” advertising. This is inseparably connected with our services so the user cannot waive this type of advertising.

We or our advertising partners may also use the Anonymous Data and Collective Data in our possession to adapt the adverts visible to the user on a non-Tikkurila website. For instance, if a user views our advert on a third-party website connected with decorations, they may later receive adverts regarding Tikkurila’s decorative materials on another website. This is called Online Behavioral Advertising.

We can also use the information obtained from our advertising partners in connection with the user using Tikkurila products and services, and information such as user’s gender and age, to provide a Targeted Ad which does not represent Online Behavioral Advertising. We combine the anonymous information of a particular user with information from other users into collective segments of recipients. Those segments are based on specific interests and/or actual characteristics which could be shared by members of the same segment of recipients. Tikkurila may use this information to send adverts which we consider relevant for those interests or characteristics. We wish to create collective segments of recipients which are large enough to prevent the identification of any individual recipient.


4. What information do we collect and how?

We may collect various types of information based on the user using the Tikkurila products and services. We may gather technical, use-related information connected with the services we provide to our users, including information on how they use our services, products, websites and mobile applications, such as:

  • information about the device (e.g. the type of hardware, device identifiers, serial numbers, settings and software);
  • information about viewing websites and mobile application, such as IP address, URL; we may also learn about the visited sites, the time devoted to that, the viewed or followed links or adverts, entered search phrases, frequency of opening the applications, and other similar information.

We collect information using a number of methods, e.g.:

  • we automatically collect information while our products and services are being used (e.g. with cookies, website Server Logs, and other technologies);
  • we receive information from external sources, such as demographic data available for sale.


5. What are the sources of our Anonymous Data and Collective Data, how do we use and share it?

When we collect private, user-identifying information, we may conceal it for certain purposes. We delete the data fields (such as name and address) which may be used to identify the user. We also use other statistical methods to conceal data.

Collective Data is a form of Anonymous Data. We combine data which meets specific criteria into anonymous groups. For instance, in order to compare customer behavior in various geographic areas, we may combine customer data from each of those geographic areas into anonymous groups and analyze such collective data to understand how particular groups differ.

We may share Anonymous Data and Collective Data with other companies and entities for specific purposes. We do not consciously allow other parties to collect identifying personal information about the user’s activity while using websites, mobile applications, and Tikkurila products and services.


6. When can a user make a choice in terms of the adverts with which they are targeted?

Any user may block certain types of advert on the Internet or a mobile device. Upon seeing online adverts of Tikkurila products and services which display this icon, click it to receive information on how to avoid being re-targeted based on Online Behavioral Advertising. You must block this in each separate browser which you want to exclude.

Since “first-hand” advertising is a part of the services received while visiting Tikkurila websites and using Tikkurila mobile applications, you cannot block first-hand adverts.

Cookies or other similar technologies cannot damage the user’s terminal or files, nor may they be used to launch programs or distribute malware.


7. Can the Policy change?

Tikkurila may amend the Policy from time to time. However, if it changes in a significantly unfavorable way, Tikkurila will place a notice about such a change on its home page, which will be visible for 30 days. Tikkurila recommends visiting the tab with the Policy from time to time in order follow any changes.


8. How to contact us in respect of the Policy

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Policy:

Tikkurila Polska S.A.
Ul. Ignacego Mościckiego 23
39-200 Dębica
Tel: 14 680 56 00   


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