Deco & Protect Drewno i Metal Satynowy Połysk

Deco & Protect Drewno i Metal Satynowy Połysk

Quick-drying, satin gloss acrylic enamel with a mild fragrance for decorative and protective painting of interior and exterior wooden surfaces, wooden like surfaces, anti-corrosive primed metal elements, interior mineral surfaces (paneling). It can also be used in food industry premises excluding direct contact with food and for the renovation of old paints coated with alkyd or acid-catalyzed paints.

  • Touch dry after 1 hour
  • Mild smell and good hiding power
  • Surface durable to atmospheric conditions
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Area of use


Can sizes

0,2 L, 0,7 L, 5,0 L


9,8 - 14 m²/l




brush, roller, conventional spraying

Painting temperature

The surface to be painted must be dry. Painting should be carried out at a temperature of +8°C to +25°C and at a relative air humidity below 80%.

Drying time at + 23 ° C and 50% relative air humidity

Stick free after 1(h). Paintable after 2(h).



Preparation of surfaces

The surface should be dry, degreased, cleaned of dust and loosely bound and flaky elements. Smooth and shiny substrate should be matted and thoroughly dusted. If necessary, level the surface with a suitable putty and after drying sand it, dust the surface and prime it. Fresh mineral plasters can be painted after a minimum of 4 weeks of seasoning. Priming of the surface: - metal – anti-corrosive primer paint Jedynka Antykorozyjna (for interior and exterior). Application of top coat on the metal surface after min. 24 h from priming with Jedynka Antykorozyjna. - wood and wooden like, used inside rooms do not require additional priming; wooden used outdoors - suitable primer with preservative properties. Wood surfaces with knots and yellowing tendencies resulting from the leak of resin and other substances causing discoloration should be protected with a suitable product, - new interior plasters – priming of loose and incoherent substrates should be done by using of an agent for priming and strengthening of the substrate. In other cases, use approximately 10% diluted Jedynka Deco & Protect Drewno i Metal Satynowy Połysk or Jedynka Śnieżnobiała products. Previously painted surfaces: wash the surface with appropriate agents to remove any impurities that limit adhesion of the enamel. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry. If necessary, level the surface with a putty and after drying, sand the surface, dust it and prime it. The hard and shiny substrate should be matted. Notice: In the case of renovation of old paint coatings, a trial painting should be performed. Obtaining a positive result determines the final use of the product.


The product should be mixed thoroughly before use. Mixing should be repeated during painting. Secure the right amount of product from one production batch. Apply two coats of product at intervals of min. 2 hours using a roller, brush or spray method.

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