Jedynka product family

Jedynka is a family of products with proven quality for decorating and protecting various indoor and outdoor surfaces, for years helping to fulfill the renovation dreams of consumers. Among the products signed by Jedynka brand, there are paints in a wide range of colours for walls, ceilings and facades, enabling the implementation of different decorative ideas.

Jedynka is also specialized products that allow you to effectively protect wooden and metal elements outside the house, preserving their charm for many years or giving them a second life through the use of completely new colours.


Thanks to constantly improved recipes, Jedynka provides functional solutions that take into account current market trends, which allow you to easily make a colorful metamorphosis at home and take care of its attractive external appearance - both in terms of the fashionable colors of the facade and the aesthetics of wooden and metal elements.


Jedynka products are user-friendly, they are painted efficiently and without surprises, that’s why is a good choice for people who renovate themselves or carry out renovation and decorative works around the house.

The confirmation of the quality and recognition of products under the Jedynka brand is the Superbrands title, awarded regularly by consumers' votes, distinguishing brands that best meet the expectations of users and are willingly recommended by them.

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